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Remember Hiroshima: 140,000 Origami crane project, please visit here.


Making a documentary film, please visit here.



For information on Support Ishinomaki, please visit here.


For a series of talks on Japanese countryside, please visit here.







Introduction ご挨拶

The Japanese Institute of Scotland has been finally set up in November 2014 after five formative years. It is still a small voluntary group.




This website includes the information about what the Japanese Institute of Scotland aims and other related matters.  




I hope you could enjoy the website and would really appreciate your messages if you have any suggestions, questions or comments about any of the website, the institute, and the current activities.




Atsuko Betchaku


The Japanese Institute of Scotland 







Brief introduction of myself



Born in 1960 in Kochi, Japan.

Graduate of the teacher training course for primary schools, Department of Education, University of Kochi. In 1983 entered the master course at Graduate school of Education in University of Tokyo and finished its doctoral course in 1991 taking the whole necessary units. After being a part time teacher in Air University, worked as an associate professor for the teacher training course in Kochi Junior College of Higher Education run by the Kochi prefecture fr om 1992 to 1997. From 1997 conducted a PhD thesis in history at the then Department of history in University of Edinburgh and obtained it in 2006. 





After that I worked as a part time tutor for Japanese history in University of Edinburgh for two academic years. I am also a visitor at University of Edinburgh and have been doing research on influence of Scottish Evangelicals' ideas of education, moral and welfare in modern Japan. Obtained a certificate in Advanced Academic Studies to teach in universities at University of Strathclyde in 2011. Worked as a volunteer at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2012. Registered for Certificate of Higher Education as a lifelong learning student at the University of Edinburgh in October 2014. Since some years ago as a principle a vegan, though flexible for parties or social gatherings. Walking and simple vegan cooking as my hobby.




Volunteers are welcome! Please contact via 'contact us'. 





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